THE AMETHYST PROJECT:  Sexual violence advocacy, education & training.  

The principle objective of the project is to improve care for individuals affected by sexual violence by increasing their sense of control through decision-making and education.

The project employs Sexual Assault Advocates who provide support to individuals affected by sexual violence.  Sexual Assault Advocates are knowledgeable, understanding & compassionate.

Through the YWCA Amethyst Project, individuals affected by sexual assault are given three options:

  • First Option:  Medical care is provided by the attending Emergency Physician; no sexual assault kit completed.
  • Second Option:  Sexual assault kit completed by Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) doctors; police are involved immediately.
  • Third Option:  Sexual assault kit completed by SART doctor; the individual affected by sexual assault has the choice of waiting up to one year to involve police

The Amethyst Project can make presentations to community stakeholders, high-risk groups and the general public regarding issues surrounding sexual violence.

The YWCA Amethyst Project works in collaboration with the Sexual Violence Action Committee (SVAC) in the delivery of the third option in Lethbridge.

For more information about the Amethyst Project, contact the YWCA at 403-329-0088.

CRISIS LINE:  403-320-1881 or 1-866-296-0447.